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  • Students admitted through the Upper Year admission category fill vacant seats in the upper years of the program. There is no set number of seats available and admission is based on the ‘fit’ between courses required for an applicant’s program of study after transfer credit evaluation and availability of spots in the courses required.
  • Admission to the SCBScN program through the Upper Years application route is based on competitive entry and ‘fit.’ Where two or more applicants ‘fit’ into the same vacancy, applicants with the highest undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) will be selected.
  • Applicants who are completing their LPN or RPN program are eligible to apply; preference will be given to applicants who have successfully completed their LPN program and have been working for one year or more
  • Each year, the Upper Years admission route receives more applications than available spaces. All applications are considered; Canadian citizens and permanent residents are given preference.
  • Admission is dependent on available space in the SCBScN program and therefore is not guaranteed.
  • Failure to disclose attendance at another post-secondary institution may lead to cancellation of application
  • Failure to submit course outlines (syllabus) may result in a delay in consideration of an application.

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