If you are missing a high school prerequisite

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If you are missing a high school prerequisite, you can either:

• pursue studies through the high school system (www.saskschoolboards.ca)
• complete the high school course(s) at Saskatchewan Polytechnic
• take the approved post-secondary substitute at the University of Regina (see list below)

Chemistry 30 CHEM 100 at the U of R
Biology 30 BIOL 100 or BIOL 140 at the U of R
ELA A30 and B30 ENGL 100 at the U of R

• One of Foundations of Math 30* or Pre-calculus 30 => AMTH 092, MATH 101, MATH 102, MATH 103 or MATH 110 at the U of R* Students who have taken Math A30, Math B30, Math C30, AMTH 001, AMTH 002 or AMTH 003 prior to implementation of Foundations of Math 30 would also be accepted.

Applicants who are upgrading the required admission subjects must have all required subjects completed by August 1st.

Transcripts and proof of registration in the missing admission requirement must be submitted by March 1. GED will not be accepted in lieu of Grade 12.

Admission to the SCBScN program is competitive, therefore only students with the highest admission average will be selected.

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