Bilingual Option

By Joel Dapiawen,

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The program is the same as the regular SCBScN program; fifty percent (50%) of the courses will be offered in French. These include CNUR 100, CNUR 102, CNUR 106, CNUR 201, CNUR 209, CNUR 300, CNUR 302 (clinical practice portion only), CNUR 400, CNUR 402, CNUR 403, CNUR 404, FRN 352, INDG 100, STAT 100, and three open electives.

Seven (7) seats are available for this option in Regina. Admission is through High School Admission (see below) or Post-Secondary Admission (see below). Admission to the Bilingual option is competitive entry. Applicants must meet all admission requirements of the regular SCBScN program. In addition, applicants must meet the French language proficiency requirements as identified by La Cité universitaire francophone.

Applicants should indicate in the appropriate place on the application form (Online or Paper) that they are applying for the Bilingual Option. An applicant may apply for both the Bilingual option and regular SCBScN program.

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