Admission Requirements

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Selection of applicants will be based on the following:

1. An approved university degree with a minimum UGPA of 70%, and

2. Completion of the following prerequisite courses requirements:English 100

  • Statistics 100
  • Indigenous Health Studies 100 or Indigenous Studies 100
  • And one of the combinations below:
  • BIOL 110 and BIOL 111(with a minimum grade of 60%); or
    • KIN 261 and KIN 262 (with a minimum grade of 60%); or
    • KIN 260, KIN 267 (with a minimum grade of 60%) and KIN 268 (with a minimum grade of 60%);
    • Equivalent from the Human Anatomy and Physiology the course equivalency list

Conditional admission will be considered for applicants who have completed three (3) or more prerequisite course requirements by the document deadline of March 1. All prerequisite course requirements must be met by June 30 for Fall admission. If you have completed any of the required courses outside of the University of Regina, please view the University of Regina transfer credit database: If the course you have completed is not listed on the database, please send your detailed course outlines (Syllabus) to for equivalency review. Course Descriptions will not be accepted.

If you are enrolled in an admission requirement course at or beyond the deadline:

Applicants who are enrolled in an admission requirement course at or beyond the admission deadline may be offered conditional admission provided they are enrolled in the courses for which they have a deficit.

Applicants who have been admitted conditionally must satisfy all conditions outlined by the program including the completion of all admission requirement courses. An official transcript showing completion of these courses must be submitted to the University of Regina by June 30th.

Applicants with a completed undergraduate degree may submit two separate applications to both the After-Degree Program and the regular 4-Year SCBScN Program as a post-secondary applicant. Those applicants who earn admission to both programs, and choose to accept the After-Degree Program seat, will be automatically removed from their 4-year SCBScN Program seat. Students with any questions may contact Nursing Student Services at (306) 337-3300, 1-855-830-3300 (toll free), or at

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