Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN)

The Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN) is accredited by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN).


The SCBScN program is offered jointly by the Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the University of Regina.

As a student you will begin your nursing education in Year 1 with opportunities to work directly with patients and clients.

When you graduate, you’ll receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. You’ll be ready to make a real difference in the lives of your clients and communities and work as a valuable member of a health care team.

Vision, mission and values of SCBScN program


The Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is a recognized leader in advancing health through relevant, quality nursing education


The SCBScN program delivers innovative nursing education in an environment of interprofessional collaboration, shared governance, and scholarship. The curriculum anticipates and responds to changing nursing roles, population and health system needs. Students and faculty collaborate in the discovery, integration, application and dissemination of knowledge. Graduates contribute to advancing health by demonstrating leadership in practice, research, education and administration.


  • Accountability – We adhere to high standards of ethical behaviours and personal accountability. We make decisions and act based on sound principles, good character and caring for others.
  • Respect – Our treatment of and interactions with each other are principled and respectful.
  • Diversity – We embrace people from diverse cultures, heritages, life experiences, and opinions in our efforts to enrich the learning and work environment and foster inclusive decision making.
  • Innovation – We foster an environment in which new ideas can emerge and lead to creative approaches, solutions, and actions.
  • Integrity – We demonstrate our values through honesty and consistency of principled actions.
  • Service – We illuminate socially relevant issues and problems and employ our expertise to serve each other and society. The knowledge we generate enriches the community.