As a CNPP student, you will study in the fall, winter and spring-summer semesters to obtain your degree. You will complete 702 hours of clinical practice experiences in primary care settings with a licensed registered nurse(nurse practitioner). Limited hours may be completed with a primary care physician and a pharmacist.

As a student, you will develop advanced nursing practice competencies while participating in community-centered practice.

The program is delivered through online learning with the exception of an on-campus one-week mandatory residency requirement in MNUR 802.  You will meet other students and faculty in person and experience high fidelity simulation learning.


The curriculum is designed based on the philosophy and principles of Primary Health Care: Canadian Nurses Association (2008) Advanced Nursing Practice: A national framework; and the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioner) Standards and Core Competencies (2011).

The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates with the competencies required for initial registration as a RN(NP) as identified by the SRNA and other regulatory bodies across Canada. The national Canadian Nurse Practitioners Exam (CNPE) is designed to test graduate knowledge of these competencies. After graduating from the program, you will be required to pass the CNPE exam in order to obtain registration as a registered nurse (nurse practitioner).

All courses in the program are offered online. The curriculum uses textbooks, online articles, guided discussion, web conferencing and interactive activities. Practicing and experienced PhD prepared and nurse practitioner faculty are available for frequent contact through electronic course mail and online office hours.

Course descriptions


All students registering in the clinical courses must be registered with in 30 days of the first day of registration.  Clinical practice education courses can be completed in your community provided the experience site can be approved by the program.   All clinical placements will be arranged by a program and will not be in your employment setting.

Please see Preceptor information.

Course Schedule

All courses are taught consecutively in a sequential order.  Students must ensure that the prerequisite courses are completed as required.  If you are considering any deviation from the outlined schedule,  you must meet with a program advisor prior to registration and obtain approval from FGSR. All Year 1 courses must be completed prior to entering Year 2. Incoming students following course sequence will have priority for attendance at residency week over those who deviated from the recommended schedule.

Course Schedule: Full-time 2 years/ part-time 4 years